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"Fans of The Da Vinci Code or True Detective will enjoy this maximalist mix of crime, conspiracy, and the occult."

-Kirkus Reviews

"The Element Mysteries are an excellent addition

to any personal library in need of a flawlessly written thriller."

-Indies Today

The small town of Brandtville, Pennsylvania is similar to the villages that surround the area in Upper Bucks County. The setting is picturesque with old farmhouses, dirt roads, covered bridges, babbling brooks and streams, plus it's rich with Native and early American history. What sets it apart is a big secret. Don't get too close. You may not live to know what the wealthiest residents are hiding.


Jenny O'Rourke has been haunted by blurred memories from her childhood for over twenty years. Brick walls and tight lips have kept her from understanding why she was torn from her home and family in the middle of the night. And why her brother's murder was brushed under the rug. To find the answers, she has to elude two powerful forces standing in her way ... an estranged but lurking father and the watchful eyes of the Witness Protection Program. She's about to break the only rule they have in common: Never go home. 

Jenny finds an opportunity, giving her access to everything she thought she ever wanted to know. What she discovers changes everything and leaves a small town in need of some major damage control.


A devastating murder brings Jenny O’Rourke back to her hometown. The reality is, it’s not over. Not even close. This time she has a new strategy to put an end to it all—infiltrate her father’s secret society. The question is, how?


A chance meeting brings her face to face with a member of the inner circle, a boy she once knew. He has the intel she needs, and she has what he lustfully desires. It’s a dangerous combination. Jenny finds herself swept away by the lure of adventure and the reveal of mysterious springs, sinkholes, submerged caverns, and elaborate underground dwellings. 


As she acquires a sliver of society knowledge, she’s determined to understand the rest. But, there’s only one barbaric way to get to it. Becoming one of them requires following their rules. Rules that could easily kill her. There’s a lot at stake, but she’s ready and willing to risk it all.


As Jenny O’Rourke recovers from a near-death punishment ritual, she gains access to a world she didn’t know existed. She discovers the secret order, which she sought to destroy, contains ancient mystical wisdom, untapped scientific breakthroughs, religious truths never known, natural wonders and more. 


As she tries to sort it out, she also tries to wiggle her way out of a love triangle. Will she choose the man she’s destined to marry—the one who has always protected her—or the man she’s forbidden to be with?


More dramatic events halt her progress but, finally, she’s given permission to initiate. Jenny delves through Five Days of Knowledge, each day enlightening her more and drawing her in. Now that she understands the marvel of each element, and the order’s original path, she can’t deny that she is privy to something special. Something worth protecting.


In the end, she has to decide whether to destroy the secret society that nearly killed her … or to take her rightful place in it. 

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