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Forest Mist

Click the "Element Mysteries" tab to read all about this award-winning series.

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What's New?

Audio books!

The Element Mysteries series is now available on Audible! If you haven't tested the waters yet with Amazon's new AI beta readers, give it a try. I recommend listening to a sample to make sure it's right for you. If voice actors get on your nerves (I read this a lot), and you'd rather just hear the story, you might like it. If you like the dramatization voice actors bring, it may lull you a little. I got used to it really quickly. I also got used to the price for my readers. If you own the Kindle version, which is just $3.99, you can add Audible for just $1.99. 

Click on the book to go to Amazon and listen for yourself. I personally like the speed on 1.2x.

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Gone Astray New Release

I'm beyond excited to announce my upcoming new release ... another nail-biting fast-paced suspense thriller with a little of everything. I'm finding it hard to put down ... I bet you'll have trouble, too. Planned release is Black Friday 2024.

Bucks County Activity Book

What fun it's been to take a break from all the suspense-thrillers to create a little activity book for young readers. I'll be donating books to the graduating Kindergarten class at Tinicum Elementary School (where I graduated from Kindergarten) to get them excited about summer. Click the image to buy the book on Amazon. 

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