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Legend Has It ... The Numbers 333

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

One of the questions I get the most after people watch my book trailer is “What’s with the numbers 333? I see them everywhere.” You’re not alone!

After years of seeing the numbers 333, especially in the middle of the night, I started digging around on the Internet for answers. I honestly didn’t expect to find very much, but there are literally dozens of sites, blogs and religious groups offering varying interpretations.

I gravitated toward blogs and articles that were positive. Many suggest the numbers are a sign that guardian angels are watching over you, encouraging you. That felt best to me at the time because I was gearing up to write. Before I knew it, I was incorporating the numbers into the series. They sort of took on a life of their own ... really ramping up in book three. Truth is, you’ll also find a lot of real doomsday stuff relating to these numbers.

I haven’t done this before, but I’m going to share Chapter 17, entitled “333” from Book III, Element of Truth. It’s not a spoiler. And for people who aren’t superstitious, or for those of you who don’t believe in God at all, not to worry. This series has spiritual ups and downs, but it’s not intended to be religious. It has much more to do with a secret society who believes in finding hidden truths ... some are found in nature, some ancient history, mysticism, the Bible and elsewhere. I hope you enjoy.




Fabrizio and I spend our first few days studying in solitude. While I find the books on esoteric societies, ancient Egypt, and certainly, Atlantis, intriguing, I’m focused on finding my special numbers as requested by my father. I try a few games of Bible roulette, turning the pages, stopping, and pointing to a passage. But nothing speaks to me, and I’m mentally stuck on knowing there’s something about the numbers 333. In fact, at this very moment, I’m looking at the clock and realize that it’s 3:33 p.m. I look up passages with the numbers, but the only thing I find from the Bible that comes close to reaching me is John 3:33: Whoever accepts His testimony has certified that God is truthful.

I do believe in God, and that He’s true, but I think I need some guidance from Dr. Braun. I grab my Bible and stroll up to his room. He opens the door, sees the Bible, and tells me to come and join him.

“Talk to me, Jenny. Any hidden truths?”

“Maybe. But deep down, I know my special numbers are 333.” Dr. Braun places his hand over his heart and takes a seat. I’ve spooked him for some reason. “What? Is that bad?” I tell him about John 3:33, but he’s silent. “Dr. Braun, why are numbers important at all? Why such a big deal?”

“Numbers, Jenny, are the one true thing that connects us to the Divine. Man did not make up numbers, but we’re slowly beginning to unravel the mysteries of life through them. God loves numbers. Let’s not forget that He’s the most important architect and engineer of all, having made the whole universe. The number three is extremely significant, Jenny. Tell me about your experience.”

“Well, for starters, I see the numbers everywhere. I wake up at 3:33 a.m. nearly every early morning. I see the series of numbers on my car dash, at gas pumps, on license plates, at the end of a grocery bill tab. I mean, I see them almost every day.”

“I see. Well, let’s dissect them a bit. I’ll give a range of history and then tell you what the Order thinks of the numbers.” I’m ready. This is the most interested I’ve been in mysticism yet. “First, the basics. If you do a Google search, you’ll find many believe they represent the Trinity—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I believe there’s truth in that. Or, if you believe in angels, which I do as well, you’ll find that mediums believe that seeing the numbers 333 are an indication that your guardian angels are nearby, instructing and supporting you.”

Dr. Braun takes out his laptop, clicks on a link, and reads verbatim. “This is from a blog I visit from time to time, Joanne Sacred Scribes. They’re sacred angel numbers and their messages. I’ll read you few paragraphs.”

“The Number 3 is the essence of the Trinity, mind, body, spirit, and is the threefold nature of Divinity. Number 3 symbolizes the principle of ‘growth’ and signifies that there is a synthesis present – that imagination and an outpouring of energy are in action. Number 3 represents the principle of increase, expansion, growth, and abundance on the physical, emotional, mental, financial, and spiritual levels. Number 3 also resonates with the Ascended Masters.

Angel Number 333 tells you that the Ascended Masters are near you. They have responded to your prayers and wish to help and assist you in your endeavors and with serving your life purpose and soul mission.

Angel Number 333 encourages you to be creative, social, and communicative and use your natural abilities and talents to empower yourself and uplift and enlighten others, as your lightworking abilities and life mission are to be utilized for the good of all. Keep a positive attitude about yourself, others, and the world in general in order to manifest peace, love, and harmony. Have faith in humanity as a whole and the future of our world. Live your truths and express yourself with clarity, purpose, and love, and be a positive light to others.”

“How does that feel to you, Jenny?”

“Wow! It feels spot on, Dr. Braun. Everything you read I can relate to. I feel as though I’ve been guided toward many missions, at least in finding the truth. I don’t know exactly what my mission is for the future, but I believe I have a purpose and that it’s for the greater good.” I have to stop myself there because I sound like my father. “Tell me what the Order thinks of the numbers.”

“First, let me acknowledge that I believe without a doubt that you have been guided. I feel my guardian angels are guiding me all the time and that they have led us to each other.”

“Aww,” I say, smiling.

“But some Biblical scholars believe the numbers 333 have a much darker meaning, sort of like an ‘End of Days’ message from God. And you should know, the numbers 333 are also seen by many people all over the world. Therefore, our Order feels this strong combination of numbers represents a distress signal, like an SOS that the end of the world is near. I’ll give you just a few examples. If you add the numbers three, three, and three, you get nine. Biblically, the number nine represents finality and judgement. Let’s see what else …” He stops and thinks, but I come up with an example of my own.

“Peter denied Jesus three times before the rooster crowed. My father reminded me of that many times as a child,” I add. “That’s a story of judgement and punishment too, no?”

“Yes. Another good example. One more, and I think that will be enough for one day. Ezekiel 33:3: He sees the sword coming against the land and blows the trumpet to warn the people. It speaks of a final warning before end-time tribulations. Evangelicals believe that when you hear the final warning of a trumpet, if you haven’t taken Jesus into your heart or established a personal connection to God, you will face the final judgement and be doomed to hell.”

“You’re scaring the crap out of me. Is that why the trumpet sounds before each punishment ritual?”

“I’m sorry. A trumpet?”

“Don’t do that to me. After the drumming, there’s always a trumpet sound.”

“No, there’s not, Jenny. Oh, dear.”

“What?” I get up and pace, then look at him again and again, waiting for him to tell me he’s kidding, but it never comes.

“Jenny, I dare say, you have found your numbers.”


My favorite blogger on angel numbers is Joanne Walmsley who has every number covered. If you see other recurring numbers, and you’re a little superstitious, check her out. She was kind enough to let me use whatever I wanted for this series. Here’s her full description of 333.

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